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SEO Copywriting


Copywriting sells a product or service. Creative, persuasive copywriting is absolutely essential to selling your product or delivering your message to an audience. At Dragonfly, we develop strong, exciting and precise copy specifically targeted for your audience.



SEO Optimized Web Pages


Dragonfly specializes in keyword-effective SEO copywriting for web pages providing thorough analyses of pages and streamlining your landing pages for specific keywords.


While SEO copywriting is not the only factor in SEO (links and web page design also play an important role); however, SEO copywriting plays a major role in Search Engine ranking.


New reports have shown that the most important aspect to getting a high page rank is content. The more relevant your SEO copywriting is in relation to your keywords, the higher ranked your page will become.  Search engines also prefer web pages with constantly changing material; therefore, no matter how successful your page you'll always be in need of fresh and exciting SEO copywriting.


More about SEO Copywriting


Every web page requires Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting in order to rank as high as possible in organic search results.  An organic search result is an unpaid or natural search result – not Google Adwords or Yahoo! Marketing.  The advantages of high rankings are many. 

The greatest advantage of organic rankings are they are completely free.  If your site is naturally listed by search engines such as Google or Yahoo!, you pay nothing when surfers click on that listing.  This is in contrast to Pay-Per-Click campaigns such as Google Adwords or Yahoo! marketing, where, depending on the keyword, you may spend several dollars on each click.


 These campaigns are susceptible to click fraud (illegal clicking of advertisements in order to drive up your advertising costs) and are costly and less effective than organic page ranks. 

Another advantage of high organic page rank is that the higher your rank, the higher your web traffic.  Once you reach the first three pages of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), you stand to increase your traffic significantly with each ranking position you climb. 


SEO Copywriting can significantly reduce your advertising costs.  Once your web site has been optimized and crawled by search engine spiders, your ranking will increase significantly.  Once you achieve a high ranking, you can decrease or completely eliminate your ad campaign altogether.  This is the goal of SEO, and the reason why SEO copywriting is invaluable for your business’ online success. 


How SEO Copywriting increases your page rank


SEO Copywriting is a very specialized industry because the copywriter must not only be an excellent writer, but they must also understand Search Engines, Web Page design, and internet advertising. 


Effective SEO copywriting also takes into account numerous factors such as the keywords that will be searched by surfers who will visit your site, the frequency with which these keywords will be searched, and the density at which these keywords should appear in your copy. 

Density refers to the total percentage of your copy that is a specific keyword.  If, for instance, you sold cameras, the total density for the word camera should be around 4%.  That means that 1 in 25 words should be camera.  One of the most difficult aspects of SEO copywriting is creating keyword dense copy that does not sound artificial. 





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