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Why focus on Google SEO?


Although the exact numbers vary, it is widely accepted that the Google search engine accounts for approximately 40-50% of ALL internet searches, with the remainder of the market being divided between the other hundreds of search engines.  For that reason, Dragonfly SEO focuses on optimizing your website for Google's search engine.  This is considered part of an SEO target marketing strategy.


This does not mean, however, that your site will not perform well on other search engines; in fact, your site should perform similarly on all search engines (Yahoo, Altavista, Ask) because in most instances these services have followed Google's lead, implementing similar algorithms (mathematical formulas that determine a web sites importance / rank).


How does the Google SEO algorithm work?


The Google algorithm is designed to determine a site’s relevance and overall benefit to the web-surfing public.  Because we understand the algorithm, we are able to optimize your website for Google SEO.


This algorithm considers the following:


Incoming Links


·         Quality of link source

·         Quantity of links

·         Relevancy of links to your site


HTML Coding


·         Title Tags

·         Headers

·         Meta keywords

·         Meta descriptions

·         ALT text


Body Text


·         Keyword density

·         Keyword agreement with HTML coding

·         Bold or strong keywords



In addition to these factors, the Google algorithm considers internal linking (links within your site) and overall popularity of your site. 


Dragonfly's Professional SEO experts utilize their knowledge of each of these factors to increase your page’s algorithmic relevancy, thus increases its rank on Google SERPs for particular keyword phrases that we research and select as the most successful potential phrases for your site’s optimization.  We also specialize in Small Business SEO.


Please feel free to view samples of our Google SEO copy.  Also, please contact us with any questions regarding Google SEO or for an SEO consultation.





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