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Dragonfly Freelance is based in Baltimore, MD. Founded in 2006, we are excited to launch this new endeavor and hope that you will share in our success!


Our vision is to consolidate numerous freelancers at one website, so our clients are provided with all their writing needs and our freelancers are supplied with enough work to sustain a living. 


We are committed to providing quality writing, editing, proofreading, and search engine optimization services to our clients, who range from individual authors, business persons working for large companies, and webmasters in need of copy for websites of all sizes.  As a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, Dragonfly upholds the standards associated with ethical business practice.


Thank you for visiting Dragonfly Freelance, we look forward to working with you.


Please Contact ghoesch@dragonflyfreelance.com with any questions or proposals.






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