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Professional Proofreading Services


Many clients are uncertain of the differences between editing and proofreading.  Editing is a heavily involved document correction process that entails major changes to structure and sentences throughout the document.  Proofreading, on the other hand, is a professional service that closely scrutinizes an edited document and fixes minor errors that an editor may have overlooked. 


Proofreading corrects minor errors in:


*       Grammar

*       Punctuation

*       Spelling


Professional proofreading services can improve your chances of publication, as no publisher is interested in sloppy writing, and many publishers will turn away a document, no matter how good it is, if they find only a few errors. Our proofreading services find the errors before they do.


Clients choose Dragonfly Freelance to proofread their most important documents because we are trained proofreaders who are focused, reliable, and professional.


We offer proofreading of the following documents:Proofreading books


*       Books

*       Web Pages

*       Brochures

*       Theses

*       Magazine Articles

*       Ebooks

*       Business Writing


All Proofreading includes Track Changes

(a Word tool that allows you to see our

corrections and accept or decline them).


Proofreading is one of the final steps prior to publication, and is your final opportunity to catch any previously overlooked errors.

Generally, documents ready for proofreading have few errors; however, the final errors found in a document are enough to put off your clients. A writing error, however small, speaks volumes about a company or individual's attention to detail and their professional quality.


Proofreading Novels


It's taken a long time to finish your novel.  You've read it so many times you can't even look at it any more.  We specialize in proofreading novels and preparing your writing for publication.


Please Contact ghoesch@dragonflyfreelance.com with any questions or proposals.


Our Professional Proofreading Services are based out of Baltimore, MD.







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