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Dragonfly specializes in business website optimization services.  With Search Engine
Optimization experience in countless business industries, we skillfully meet your business'  website optimization needs while preserving your company's voice, policies, and ethics. 


Because the internet is now the most popular form of gathering information, it is critical that your business develop a strong web presence.  Our website business optimization services help you rise above your competition, optimizing your site for well-researched keyword phrases.


Common Business Optimization Mistakes


Many SEO companies get ahead of themselves when attempting to optimize a business website, choosing the most frequently searched keyword phrases for their clients.  While successful search engine placement of these keyword phrases is an eventual goal, initially optimizing for them is like placing the roof on a house before building the foundation.  Dragonfly SEO services optimize your business website for the most competitive keyword phrase as well as less competitive keyword phrases.  This optimization tactic ensures initial success on a small-scale level, and works toward larger-scale success.


Other SEO companies offer all-in-one business optimization service packages.  While these packages seem convenient, they are extremely generic.  Our website business optimization services are specifically tailored for your site, because each industry and business require varying levels of search engine optimization, depending on the competitiveness of the industry. 


The Process of Business Optimization


While there is no specific formula for business website optimization, there are some basic SEO techniques that our SEO company utilizes to ensure your site's success.  A few of these are:

  1. HTML coding (Meta Tags, Headers, Title)

  2. Keyword Density

  3. Inbound Links

  4. Internal Links

  5. Keyword Research

  6. Keyword Phrases

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