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Editing Services Sample #2


Over the last 25 years, millions of ambitious people individuals like you have invested even more millions of dollars in training materials in order to learn the secret to earning financial success with a home their own home businesses. 

99% have failed.


Why, despite hard work, have theyis it that 99% of them have failed? Why is it that these for the most part, hard working people, have done everything they were told to do and yet less than 1% of them have succeeded?


Because hard work can only get you so far with a home business


Without the proper tools for success, youre as good as a lumberjack using a baseball bat to chop down a tree.  The tree may fall eventually, but it would have been far more efficient to use an axe.


That’s what we provide – a succinct, sharpened strategy that greatly increases your home business success! 


Don’t waste time and money learning the ins and outs of the home success, we’ll teach them to you so you can make money working from home, immediately



Why is that?


The answer isWe teach you the secrets of reaching your target market!. They have been talking to the wrong people.


So who should they, who should you be talking with?


What is a target market?


Target market is the market that is looking to buy your product.  They know what they want and they have the money to buy it – they’re just waiting for you to find them and say, “here, buy this”!


à WhoWhom Should You Talk With? 



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WhoWhom Should You Talk With?


If you were going to recruit someone to sell widgets, wouldn’t you look for someone who has experience sellinwhom would you hireg widgets? Would you want to hire someone who hads absolutely no experience, and hardly knewows anything at all about widgets? OrAlternatively, would you rather hire the person who lives, eats, and sleeps widgets;, who knows all about widgets, what they’re made of, how they’re made, and all the colors they come in?  Chances are that’s the person you would want to recruityou’ll hire the latter. isn’t it?


We’ll show you how to recruit the RIGHT employees


It’s exactly the same with our industry. The truth is thatI it t makes total sense to talk with people who have experience in the direct selling industry vs. people who don’t. Although most industry professionals arearen’t not making much money (because they don’t know the strategies we’ll teach you), many of these hard working people have a wealth of skills and experience.  They know how to use the tools, they want to work from home, and they want to make money.


If you’re courteous and, act like a professional, and try to solve their problem, most will individuals will take a look at your opportunity, some will join. And sSome individuals  will bring a lot of people with them when they join.


Big money earners have known this for years.


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How Can You Find ThemRecruits?


Membership lists of direct selling companies that have gone out of business, and major distributors, are the best places to find these peoplevaluable recruits. You  and the organization you build with us, have access to thousands of these pre-targeted, pre-qualified leads. These are the people with the motivation and experience you’re are looking for. As a member of our team, these leads are inexpensive, and at our costfree to you!.


We are not interested in making money on your leads. In fact, we promise never to make any of your tools a profit center. Our parent company, in the wisdom,  does notwon’t even allow it.


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How DDo You Talk withWith Possible CustomersThem?


And what do you say? As a member of our team, you receive all of our extensively tested calling and voicemail scripts. You receive attention getting email letters, and the personal and team coaching you need to succeed. 


You’ll will also receive  access to our own contact management and predictive dialer technology. This amazing technology can increase your efficiency dramatically (it’s like trading in your axe for a chainsaw).  You can literally call twice as many prospects in the same amount of time with much less fatigue, and keep track of them with ease.


No more paperwork all over your desk.! 


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Your Last Home Business


This could be the last home business you will ever have to join.


Companies go in an out of business in this industry so often that it’s almost a cliché. How many people do you know who have put time, effort and money into their business only to have the company lose its momentum, or even go bankrupt?


Our parent company has had positive growth every year for over 20 years. They did almost $800 million in sales last year, and most industry insiders say that they haven’t even begun to reach their potential!. This company is not a secret. In fact, you’ve probably have heard of them. They manufacture high quality, cost effective, health and wellness products that are truly life changing!  So, you’ll not only be making money from home, but helping others in the process.


Customers order direct through catalogs or online for the kinds of things they’re are already using and consuming every day—only these products are so unique that their month-to-month reorder rate is well over 90%. 


Preferred Customers pay a one-time membership fee of $29 to be able to shop with them directly at wholesale, and the only way they find out about the membership is through an existing member.  By using the products and helping others open accounts—we can bestay in business. 


It’s that simple.


What makes us different is that we are using state-of-the-art tools to manage and promote a business that you can rely on for years to come.


This can truly provide be the security that you have been ve been looking for, without taking away your freedom!.


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Follow Our Business Blueprint


Do exactly what we teach you to do.The steps are easy:


1.      Recruit experienced people, home business veterans.!

2.      Use our tools and team approach to work more effectively. And we will teach your organization how to do the same thing .

3.      Simply aapply the right tools, strategies and tactics we teach you..

4.      Earn money from home!


We would like to send you aDownload a  FREE ebooke-book by the great Tracy Biller that explains in detail why this strategy works.



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